VU3JYT       RAJAN         Amateur Radio Operator.


VU3JYT Rajan receiving the award of appriciation from VU2FI Dr.Satyapal, the General Convenor, HAM FEST INDIA 2018

Ham Feat India 2018 Organising Committee Meeting:
The first meeting of the HAM FEST 2018 was called by its General Convenor Dr. Satyapal VU2FI during the second week of January 2018 to form the Organising Committee to convene the Ham fest in a grand and successful manner. Around 46 Hams including me had volunteered for the organising committee and have prepared to work for the Ham fest.
Initially, I have given the job of editing the articles for the souvenir. In addition to the editing the articles received for the Ham fest souvenir, I also compiled the technical words normally used by the HAMs.HamFestIndia 2018 souvenir has 23 articles on AmateurRadio concetps. It has 112 pages with many photgraphs, diagrams, charts etc., A book to be kept in your library. I have prepared a e-book of the Hamfest Souvenir and could be read on online
The Souvenir book was published and was released in the inaugural session of HAM FEST on 29th Dec. During the Ham fest days, I was in-charge of the Kit issuance and general stores.

Ham Feat India 2018 Highlights:

VU3JYU JEGAN presents a technical paper in Ham Feat India 2018 :

Design Optimization of a Six-element Yagi-Uda Antenna
Technical talk by Jegan Mani VU3JYU
About the session:
The primary difference between the conventional design and this paper is the approach taken towards designing of the antenna. In the conventional build process, the builders typically depend on formulae to size the antenna; this approach might not give us enough control to fine tune parameters like impedance and pattern. To overcome such limitations matching systems like gamma match are added to the structure. In our paper, we are simulating the entire antenna structure and optimizing it based on constraints like impedance, front-back ratio, and bandwidth. Antenna solutions will have multiple local minima and hence global optimization solvers are used. The Surrogate optimizer is an advanced global optimization solver, unlike other solvers, this builds an internal model of the solution space and searches for the optimum point in that space.
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